Insurances and services

We can help you with all the following insurances. All these are constantly reviewed and updated.

Car insurance

With a large variety of coverages, our car insurance protects you against risky situations for your vehicle, your life and that of your family, and covers the liabilities derived from the cover beyond the Mandatory Civil Liability (subject to legal maximum).


Home insurance

Our home insurance is designed for total protection against a large variety of risks related to your house and the liabilities of people who live inside.

Business insurance

Every business is different and therefore has different insurance requirements. We can offer you a customized insurance package for you ensuring that you are fully covered for the specifics of your business.

Travel insurance

It is an insurance for medical coverage while you travel. It covers the cost of the medical visits or hospitalization. Also it have coverages as expenses of cancellation of the trip, repatriation, transport of injured or diseased and also civil liability.


Marine insurance

We can offer you a a wide range of flexible policies for a substantial number of crafts and associated marine accessories.


Community insurance

It is an Insurance advised to protect the community property owners subject to the Spanish Horizontal Property Act against possible contingencies such as fire, water damage, civil liability etc. In fact, it is mandatory to do so in many Autonomous Communities. We can also insure office blocks and car parks.

Pension plans

This insurance policy provides you a quantity when you retire, The periodic payments that you realize  can have tax benefits and its recovery is guaranteed in case of your death.


Life insurance

Our life insurance has significant benefits to ensure the utmost security and peace of mind for customers and their families.

Health insurance

We have designed a health insurance to give you and your family access to the best healthcare possible, both in Spain or wherever you are in the world.

Burial insurance

Our Burial Insurance ensures that families are not left with the financial burden of paying funeral fees or repatriation fees and of course our team of advisors are here to guide you through the complexities of making these arrangements at what can be a very stressful and emotional time.



Civil liability insurance

This is a policy designed to pay the costs of damage or prejudice to third parties, be they people of companies.
This is done by paying a premium and agreeing the terms of the policy.
Moreover civil liability is regulated by codes 1.902 and 1.903 of the Civil Code where it states that a person Leer más


Temporary disability insurance

This product gives a daily income to anybody who is not working due to illness, accident or being admitted to hospital. It can be modified according to the client’s needs, into different cover:

· Daily payment for temporary invalidity.
· Daily payment according to scales.
· Being hospitalized for any reason, illness or accident.


Bicycle insurance

If you cycle, you always need bike insurance. We can now offer you our bicycle insurance, designed to keep your pedal bike insured at home or away, against civil liability, travel insurance, accidents ,theft and damage

Accident insurance

In the event of an accident preventing you from working we can cover you for loss of earnings and provide financial stability in what can be a very difficult time for you and your family.

Horse and pet insurance

Our pet insurance cover provides you with total peace of mind that should the worst happen to your beloved pet, the cost of vet’s fees, boarding kennel fees and more, will be covered.

Construction insurance

It is a insurance that protect the material damages that could have the building during construction, the machinery and equipment of the contractor and the damage to third parties that could be caused during the work (civil liability).


Decennial liability Insurance

Decennial liability insurance or “Inherent Defect Insurance” is insurance that is taken out (by the contractor or the developer) to cover costs associated with the potential collapse of the building after completion. If the building constructed is put for sale, itLeer más

Group insurance

This is aimed at groups of people like employees of a company or members of an association who are looking for the best cover for themselves and their families in case of an accident.

We can also cover to sports activities for the duration of the activity or for the year.

Events cancellation insurance

It is an Insurance that guarantees the payment of the not recoverable overheads that the policyholder has due to the organization of an insured event or spectacle (Concerts, theatres, sports exhibitions, Weddings or baptisms, children’s activities)  that had to be cancelled or postponed for reasons such as heavy rain, strong wind,  non appearance of the performers etc.

School insurance

This is for students in any centre of studies and or parent associations who are looking for the best cover in case of an accident or civil liability.


Golf insurance

So you only have to focus on playing your best game, we’ve a policy exclusively for you.
Now we’ll be with you at every turn, providing you with all the protection you need:

Golf equipment (clubs and accessories): covers fire,Leer más

Caravan and motorhome insurance

If you’re looking for caravan insurers, we offer a variety of policies for you to choose from, and we endeavour to provide coverage that suits your specific requirements.
We will cover you if your caravan’s stolen, suffers damage and needs repairs or is written off in an accident.

Other insurance

In our brokerage you will be able to find, in addition to all previous insurances, Legal Defense insurance, drone insurance, default tenant insurance and more. Describe what you wish.