Frequently asked questions

To avoid further accidents, park to the side of the roadway; switch on the emergency lights, put on your reflective vest and position the triangles, check to see if there is a risk of falling, flammable liquid, etc., disengage the damaged vehicle, lift the handbrake and assess the state of the victims (speak with them).

From an emergency S.O.S. telephone or a mobile phone, indicating where the accident took place (roadway, kilometer, etc.), type of accident, number of vehicles and victims and their apparent state.

If people have been injured, our priority is to ensure they receive adequate and timely medical attention. Notify medical emergencies or the Civil Guard or Police directly, as they will take care of the corresponding notification. Injured individuals are not to be moved under any circumstance. However, we must remain aware of the habitual first-aid procedures.
In the event any of the individuals involved should die, we must take special precaution not to alter their body position until the proper authority arrives.

It’s necessary to notify your current insurer that you do not wish to renew, always in writing, and with a minimum of a month before renewal date. If you pay your insurance through your bank, also we recommend to cancel the authorization of payment, just in case.

Finally if who has done the insurance is your own bank, they’ll give you troubles to prevent you cancel it. Even so, the procedure is the same: Registered letter directly to your insurer with a minimum of 30 days of anticipation and, in addition, cancellation of the authorization of payment to your own bank, always in writing.

Use the warning triangles to alert your presence:

In two-way roads, place one triangle in front of the car and another behind, at a minimum distance of 50m, whereby they are visible at least 100m beforehand.

In dual carriageways and motorways one triangle will suffice, positioned at least 50m before the obstacle.

Notify the roadside assistance company and explain your situation in detail, helping them to locate you as soon as possible.

Your current schedule/certificate of Insurance shows who is covered to drive your vehicle. If you need to add any young driver you need to call your insurance broker or insurance company.

An additional premium may be charged.

If you have earned no claims bonus in an EU country this can be used towards your new policy in Spain. All insurers will accept written proof from your previous insurance company.

Indeed, the only thing that it’s necessary to do is to include in your policy a clause saying that in case of a claim, the beneficiary is the bank.

Never, but usually all of them do it. Just remember that you can take your insurances wherever you want. If you sign with them when they are going to pay you, there will be conflict of interest.

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